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At Body Balanced Centre, I understand that nurturing a strong, supple, aware mind and body is gentle but serious business. Each services, alone or in concert, has a specific role:

  • Reflexology - clients who seek this treatment often mention feeling the stress in parts of their physical bodies. In applying pressure to acupressure points on the hands, feet and ears, reflexology therapy stimulates the corresponding organs or glands of these reflex points.
  • Reiki - this practice of gentle, respectful touch is helpful in reducing stress and anxiety, and naturally assists with pain management. This practice is safely complementary with both conventional and holistic therapies.
  • Yoga - this practice is often referred to as “yoking breath and movement”. Yoga allows my clients to slow down, pay attention and connect with their bodies. In doing so, they grow in the ability quiet their minds in a busy world, to strength their muscles and their flexibility. I do provide options in teaching one-on-one or small groups classes, geared to clients’ physical abilities and experience.
  • Yoga, Reflexology and Reiki Training - If you are interested in learning the fine art of Reiki, I offer training courses to allow you to step into a teaching role for your own work.
  • Intuitive - For those who are interested in pursuing their own spiritual gifts, I offer both classes and one-on-one readings and teaching. My clients often quietly identify their hunches or feelings that usually turn out to be right without knowing how to wisely manage these gifts. As with any gift, people flourish when they learn how to recognize their respective abilities and the practices to nurture their abilities.

For more information on any of these services, to discuss what might be supportive to you or to book an appointment, please feel welcome to call me at Body Balanced Centre at 519-865-3302.